Lisa's B-day Bash

My friend Lisa had a birthday extravaganza Saturday night that started with sushi in Santa Monica. I had miso soup, edamame and some fancy roll with baked lobster & a creamy sauce. Again, Saturday is my live it up day *without guilt* so I ate whatever I wanted – even though I managed to stay away from her b-day cake she was sharing! That is a triumph for Lent icon smile Lisa's B day Bash dscn6135 Lisa's B day Bash

dscn6137 Lisa's B day BashI also drank whatever I wanted…After dinner we headed to a club.

I had a good number of drinks, 1 being a double and 3 or 4 kamikaze shots icon smile Lisa's B day Bash dscn6140 Lisa's B day BashSince I don’t really drink that often I was pretty drunk. When I got home (with Ben as my designated driver) I ate half a frozen pizza and some random bread. I don’t think I was hungry, since I was full from all the alcohol, but it was drunk munchies.

Whatever, it was Saturday. Life is short – I’m not going to regret eating too much chocolate or drinking to many vodka tonics on my death bed.

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!


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