Play time

I don't mean "play time" like going to the park as a kid I mean - I am going to see RENT tonight!!! I am sooo excited.  I saw the movie when it came out a few years ago and loved it. My friend says that it is 100 times better on stage, so I can't wait! So, I have to work through lunch so I can leave on time to get home and make the commute into L.A. with my mom. Breakfast … [Read more...]

Win it up!

There a bunch of great contests going around the blogging world. Check 'em out. One Frugal Foodie  has a give away for a ton of Erin Baker's goodies! Strawberry Stortstuff has a cool bar giveaway! Chocolate Covered Katie is giving away Jocolat bars! Lucky Tastebuds plus a Barney Butter give away = happiness. Krista's Kravings is giving away a cool pack of different things … [Read more...]

So many chips, so little time before the wedding

I went to Costco to get dog food and bread on my lunch and walked out with these things. I picked up the bag to take a look at the nutrition information and a man walked up to me and raved about them. So, I thought I would trust the word of my new random stranger friend and get 'em. He was right. They are good. I ate 1 serving on the way back to work and 1 on the way home … [Read more...]