Misty Water Colored Runnings

It was lightly misting this morning during my run - just enough to keep me cool and not get too wet. (I actually didn't want to run at all this morning, but more on that later.) I ended up doing 6.5m and walking .5 back home. Now it's raining hard so I'm glad I got my energy out before I cooped up working all day (I am working from home today). I have extra cottage cheese from … [Read more...]

An evening at the Theatre!

Rent was great! There where even 2 of the original cast members. I loved it, but I did like the movie more because you got to know the characters a little more and the details really made it better. Oh and,  I  totally adore the guy who plays Roger - actor Adam Pascal. Don't tell Ben. The play was at the Pantages, I like that place because the architecture in the lobby is very … [Read more...]