An evening at the Theatre!

Rent was great! There where even 2 of the original cast members. I loved it, but I did like the movie more because you got to know the characters a little more and the details really made it better. dscn62611Oh and,  I  totally adore the guy who plays Roger – actor Adam Pascal. Don’t tell Ben.

The play was at the Pantages, I like that place because the architecture in the lobby is very old and ornate. dscn6266

Wait, back to lunch. I made a veggie meat sammie with a lot of grapes. dscn6254

I was still hungry after eating that so I made some popcorn too. (It was all I had at my desk.dscn6255)

I brought some of my new fave crips and a string cheese for the afternoon.dscn6257

Do you guys eat string cheese like
“string” or do you just bite it? I used to love to pull the strings off as a kid, but now I just chomp away.dscn6258

Dinner was in the car on the way to the theatre – baked tofu and brussels.dscn6259

I also packed a baggie of cereal and raisins because I knew I would get hungry during the play.dscn62601

We were there a little early and had some time to kill so my mom and I partook in a beverage :) Vodka tonic…



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