Walk, Eat, Repeat

Friday is a Rest Day for me so I just did some random arm weights and took a short walk. I was trying to get to work early today. I am shooting for another short walk after work too :) As I mentioned last night I made a breakfast cookie for this lovely Friday morning. I heated it up a bit before eating. My thoughts: It tastes very good :) but was less filling than my usual … [Read more...]


I love when vegetarian substitutes taste just as good, if not better than the "real" thing. Soyrizo of those things. I had it with some egg whites, ww tortilla and salad. Dessert was a lot of grapes. Lunch held me over very well and I wasn't that hungry around 3:30p when I made a smoothie and topped it with cereal Jamby style. I went to check on my wedding dress after … [Read more...]