Greens Cafe and run plan

Ben and I walked to Greens Cafe a new vegan restaurant in town. (It's so new there is no website I could link to.) I got an iced tea, because I am a good little bear who is trying to stay away from soder. We started with Crispy Stix - deep fried soy protien sticks with a chipotle sauce. It was a vegan take on fish sticks with tartar sauce. It was really good, but what isn't … [Read more...]

Coffee and donuts

...and by donuts I mean bagels :) My peep T Sanch felt the need to bring bagels to work today to sabatoge my assto be nice . I am powerless in the face of carb-y goodness, I mean thanks Terence. I had 1/4 a cinnamon raisin bagel and some black coffee. I had some random grapes mid-morning Lunch was PB&PB then, I ran an "errand" to the mall to see if they had any good … [Read more...]