Coffee and donuts

…and by donuts I mean bagels :)dscn6310

My peep T Sanch felt the need to bring bagels to work today to sabatoge my assto be nice . I am powerless in the face of carb-y goodness, I mean thanks Terence. I had 1/4 a cinnamon raisin bagel and some black coffee.

I had some random grapes mid-morningdscn6313

Lunch was PB&PB then, I ran an “errand” to the mall to see if they had any good bathing suits. I’m looking for a good one to inspire me to get in shape. Does anyone else do that?dscn6315

I had an apple (no pic) & yogurt and Go Lean Crunch in the afternoon.dscn6320

Now I am off to Ben’s for a walk and dinner…


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