Greens Cafe and run plan

Ben and I walked to Greens Cafe a new vegan restaurant in town. (It’s so new there is no website I could link to.)

I got an iced tea, because I am a good little bear who is trying to stay away from soder.dscn6324

We started with Crispy Stix – deep fried soy protien sticks with a chipotle sauce. It was a vegan take on fish sticks with tartar sauce. It was really good, but what isn’t when it’s deep fried right? I do love how vegan restuarant really replicate the texture of “real” meat.dscn6325

I ordered the Jumping for Joy Fried Rice –Organic multi-grain fried rice with soy protein bites, organic broccoli, onions, sweet peppers, peas, topped with a marinated soy protein cutlet.

The rice was very good, but the cutlet was just a flat fried tofu piece and wasn’t flavorful at all. I do love this kind of multi-grain rice though! Where can I get this rice to make at home and how do I make it? dscn6329

Ben got the Friendship Sandwich – marinated organic tofu, flavored soy protein slice, avocado, on two thick slices of toasted bread topped with grape seed mayo. I tried it and it was good, the avocado was perfectly ripe and delicious and I love thick bread. I’m glad he liked it too, since the more I can get him to veggie restaurants the better! dscn6332

There are so many things on this menu I want to try, you will be seeing this place again in the near future!

Run Plan –Tomorrow I am going out for a long run. Based on how I feel I will decide if I’m doing the half or full at my next race. I haven’t ran over 11 miles since the full mary on Feb 1st, so I am afraid I won’t be ready in 8 weeks. We will all know tomorrow :)


  1. Cgirl says

    Hey girl! I read your blog daily and love it! I also like in Southern California! I signed up for my first half marathon, the OC marathon!!!! Crazy I know. You will kick my butt for sure. See you there!

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Cgirl – That is so cool! Good luck on the half – you will totally do awesome. The great thing about your first race is it’s a guarantee PR!!! Feel free to ask me any questions.

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