Monday runday

Sunday is one of my usual rest days so I was ready to go this morning. I did 5.3 miles – there is no specific reason for this distance on Mondays other than it is the loop around Ben’s neighborhood. I felt good the entire time and felt pretty fast too. It was  dark when I first started and I didn’t really glance down at my Garmin until I was almost done so I don’t know if I was actually making good (for Monica) time or it just felt fast?

dscn6363 Monday runday

Breakfast was on the go. I made oats with naner, almond milk, a lot of cinnamon, PB & coconut. I think coconut looks so pretty on  oats, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I couldn’t really taste it and could really just take it or leave it.

Next Race -

So, now I’m conflicted. I had a great run today, but a crappy long run on Saturday. I’m still deciding between the half vs. the full for my next race. But I will post my race training schedule later today icon smile Monday runday

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