No naner for you!

I had no choice but to find an alternative to oatmeal for breakfast because when I went to go make it I discovered my mom ate the perfectly ripe naner I was going to use to sweeten my oats and we only have green/not ripe naners. Boo. I was kind of annoyed because I purposely bought that banana knowing it would be super ripe for my oats today & since I have not been using … [Read more...]

Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger

I had half of this Cliff Bar around 2:45pm this afternoon. I don't think I was hungry yet, but I had been looking forward to it all day. I also had way too many grapes a half an hour later. You know you've eaten a lot of fruit when you are super full from it all. A little later I stole a handful of these quasi-diet chips from Terence (since it reads the blog, now he knows … [Read more...]