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I had half of this Cliff Bar around 2:45pm this afternoon. I don’t think I was hungry yet, but I had been looking forward to it all day.foodies 1573 Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger

I also had way too many grapes a half an hour later. You know you’ve eaten a lot of fruit when you are super full from it all.foodies 1574 Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger

A little later I stole a handful of these quasi-diet chips from Terence (since it reads the blog, now he knows & now it’s not stealing). Hi Terence icon smile Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger thanks.


When I got home my mom was eating hummus & crackers and I grabbed a handful. There are so many time during the day when I grab a handful of crackers or cereal or something else that’s around. My dailies are not a full picture of what I eat because of this. I probably eat hundreds of extra calories through out the day this way, little bites here and there really add up! My name is Monica and I am a compulsive snacker. Another way I know this is, after not eating sweets for something like 2 weeks now I have not lost an ounce! I must be substituting random snacks in place of my usual sweets. So, in an effort to be more honest with myself and the blog I am only going to eat what is documented here for the next 60 days. This time frame will get me through the next 54 days of marathon training & a week of recovery.

This way you can see how I really fuel & refuel to recover. Well, if I am really trying to lead by example I need to be fully open and honest with what I eat. Also, I get a lot of emails about what to eat while training for a half marathon & since I am currently training I can just show you all what exactly I eat.

I took a de-stress walk when I got home with the perros – Roxy & Bailey. Dinner was a pita pizza with cheese and seitan. Why is pizza so amazing? I love it. foodies 1576 Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger

foodies 1575 Monica "The Snackerson" BloggerI had to have dessert since it was just one of “those” days. I had a cup of cereal

and these rice crackerfoodies 1577 Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger things my mother bought from Costco, that were surprisingly good. foodies 1578 Monica "The Snackerson" Blogger

Well, see you all tomorrow when I begin to show you every single little crumb that I consume. I guess this means no drinking  juice straight from the carton in front of the fridge…damn.


  1. says

    pizza is so amazing! I once ate dinner but then my friend ordered pizza and i obvi had to have some…pizza is kinda my downfall. ugh i love it.

  2. runeatrepeat says

    I just found it at a Ralphs in Irvine :) I am still searching for the white chocolate mac one though!

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