The Real OC race

I was very snacky this afternoon, again it’s hard to stay out of the kitchen on the days I work from home!

I had half a Kashi bar.foodies-1646

Half an english muffin (that’s all this is left) with PB & PB.foodies-1647

Then, I went for a l-o-n-g walk :)

Wedding –

I am doing my own invitations for the wedding and I needed another pack of them & couldn’t find them! I am going to have to search around now. Fantastic.

I called about my wedding dress today and they said the material is still not in! They are expecting material samples next week and once I see them they will order the rest of the material and start the dress. Should I be stressed about it? Because I kinda am.

Dinner was leftovers from last night – eggplant & seitan, luckly this time there was no blood! I also had a few bites of chinese takeout chow mein. foodies-1649

and a pretty salad :)foodies-1648

Then, I had a few rice crispy thingersfoodies-1650

and I found this light chocolate soymilk at the 99cent store!!! Amazing. foodies-1651

I had some of it with a bit of granola. I have been craving granola all day, I need to work these things into my foods during the day so I don’t feel the need to eat them at night.


Because you want to know… I have been craving something sweet after lunch and dinner everyday. Which sucks. But, I do have a lot more willpower because my house is overflowing with girl scout cookies and candy and I’ve been able to stay away from it. I have realized that I do not want to live my life without sweets, so I am going to figure out a way to eat special treats and stay within my calorie needs to lose weight.

The Real OC Race I’ve chosen…

I have decided to run the OC Marathon Half Marathon. I asked for advice on a message board I frequent and many more experienced marathon runners suggested I sit this one out and focus on a race a little further away. I haven’t had enough time to recover from the Feb 1st mary and I haven’t been training for a full. The countdown on their website says there are only 50 days left until the race!

I actually feel a big sense of relief that I am only running the half. I am not physically or mentally ready for a full in that time.

So, I am considering running to SD RnR full, but I have to try and talk my peep Susan into doing it with me since it’s out of town. Susan, are you in?

A race shouldn’t be a march to your death, make sure you train well!


  1. says

    Glad you decided on the OC Half! I’m doing the PCRF Half in Irvine that weekend. I *was* going to do the OC Marathon, but injury put my training behind the eight ball, so like you, I made the better choice to skip it. Good luck!

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Yasmin, I actually thought about that on the way to work today. I usually check the expiration very closely when I buy from there, but I didn’t this time! Oops.

    Glenn Jones, Hey wait a second. I didn’t realize the PCRF half is actually IN Irvine. That is where Ben lives. Maybe I should rethink this…

    Danielle, thanks for the support :)

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