Running keeps you humble

Running keeps you humble. I was thinking about this today as I was out on a 16 miler that ended up being a 15.5 miler. (I had to talk myself into the last mile and a half too.) I have ran half marathons and recently a full marathon, I've been running for over 5 years, but every long run is still a surprise. I can have a completely amazing run or a horrible one. Sometimes I will … [Read more...]

Half a pound

I was hungry around 10:30am today so I busted out my salad early: The rest of my lunch at noon was a PB&PB and fruit I wasn't that hungry for my afternoon snack, but felt "empty" and knew I had  a long time to go before dinner. I just put some Pumpkin butter & Kashi Go Lean Crunch right in the greek yogurt container. It doesn't look good, but it was. After work I … [Read more...]