Half a pound

I was hungry around 10:30am today so I busted out my salad early:dscn6500

The rest of my lunch at noon was a PB&PB dscn6504

and fruitdscn6502

I wasn’t that hungry for my afternoon snack, but felt “empty” and knew I had  a long time to go before dinner. I just put some Pumpkin butter & Kashi Go Lean Crunch right in the greek yogurt container. It doesn’t look good, but it was.dscn6509

After work I had some time to kill before Ben was out so I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the stepper. At that point I was totally bored and just wanted to leave. Does anyone else out there not really like the gym? Don’t kick me for saying it, but for some reason I just don’t like it. Boo. I guess I’m more of an outdoors kinda girl, give me a long walk anyday.

Dinner was my choice : Whole Foods salad/hot food bar. I always say it is my favorite restaurant :) I made  a huge salad with veggies on the bottom and goodies on top. dscn6515

And I got some of their delicious hot food – spicy eggplant, a little rice, some kind of fried tofu thing & tempeh “chicken” salad – it was ALL AMAZING. Seriously. Amazing. I had to let Ben try most of it because I was just raving about it the whole time we were eating.dscn6514

I also got a Samosa for us to share, but luckily I only got 1 bite :)  I got way too much food and ate all of it! Every time we visit the WF salad bar I overeat. I want to try everything & I eat fast because I love it all. Next time I am going to serve myself less and if I really want it I’ll make a separate container for another meal. dscn6512

Then, I got to walk around WFs and I found the illusive Cliff Bar I’ve heard about and a bunch of other great foods. I got this cereal too and of course had a big handful for dessert :) Now I am overstuffed and going to bed.


Oh, and about the title…Friday is my weigh in day (I just started weighing myself last week) and I lost half a pound since last week. I need to get it together because it’s such a low number for my first week of keeping track that it may just be water. We’ll see. I will be back tomorrow with my little running plan and other stuff :)


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    Hi Monica! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I’m doing PCRF only because it is *flat* and more likely a PR course. There is absolutley no scenery along the course though. The OC will be much nicer in that respect. You’ve made a good choice and it should be fun! I’d be interested in a race report when everyone is done!

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    Great job losing, it’s better then staying the same or gaining, so be proud of that 1/2 a lb.
    I love the whole foods hot bar/salad bar and usually get way too much to, it’s hard to limit yourself with all those amazing choices.

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