Tap N' Apple Lunch

Instead of PB&J I made a PB& Tap n' Apple sandwich for lunch. Have you tried this stuff? It is just apples & apple cider mashed together. It's not as sweet as my usual - pumpkin butter though. It tastes like apple sauce actually. Before the sammie I started with a salad with TJ's spicy peanut dressing - this is my favorite salad dressing. Then, I took the 5 minute … [Read more...]

This is your foot on running…

This is my foot. This is my foot on dropping a can on my big toe and running a marathon. Any questions? My blue toe is still tragically blue (actually it got a lot worse) and now my middle toe nail has turned a sad shade of black and will not be with us for much longer. The middle toe on my other foot will abandon ship soon too. This is what happens when you run 26.2 miles. … [Read more...]

Soup, salad and challah

We had a very productive afternoon that included wedding errands. We picked out Ben's tux and the groomsmen tuxes too! Sometimes this wedding stuff is fun :) Ben had to use a pair of "manny-hose" to try on the shoes! Ha. After tux picking and a trip to Michael's Craft store we took a walk. I love that he is on board with talking long walks me with (sometimes). Dinner was … [Read more...]