Soup, salad and challah

We had a very productive afternoon that included wedding errands. We picked out Ben’s tux and the groomsmen tuxes too! Sometimes this wedding stuff is fun :)

Ben had to use a pair of “manny-hose” to try on the shoes! Ha.dscn6571

After tux picking and a trip to Michael’s Craft store we took a walk. I love that he is on board with talking long walks me with (sometimes).

Dinner was tomato soup from TJ”sdscn6576

and another colorful salad. I think I have eaten my weight in salad over the last few days! Now that it’s getting warmer in SoCal I just crave tons of veggies and fruits. Too bad it is literally tons…dscn6573

at least it’s not ice cream, which I also crave tons of!

We also picked up this Challah bread from TJ’s today. I had never tried challah before. Why didn’t someone introduce me to the dream sweet bread before?! I loved it! Like, loved it too much. I ripped off a piece on the way home from the store & just knew I was in trouble. I had this huge hunk of bread with ICBNB with dinner and stole another little piece too. I am leaving this here with Ben to eat because I know it will be gone in a day with me!dscn6580

dscn6578Oh, I almost forgot that I also had a cocktail with dinner – cranberry, seltzer and Malibu :) dscn6581

I took a handful of this sugary cereal for dessert, then stopped myself from doing more damage and quickly brushed my teeth. I am full, but just want something “dessert-like”.dscn65171

In other news…I realized my super sale find of Adidas shoes were too good to be true. Apparently I am a lot dumber than I thought because I am a 9 1/2 shoe size in Adidas. But, I forgot that I live in America. These are a size 11! UK size 9 1/2. dscn65071


  1. Niki says

    That’s too bad about the shoes!! I wouldn’t have thought about that either! Hopefully you can return them and get the correct size:)

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Niki – isn’t embarrassing that I’m so ditzy though, Ha.

    Marian – I totally agree! I love the warm weather & foods that go along with it.

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