Soup, salad and challah

We had a very productive afternoon that included wedding errands. We picked out Ben’s tux and the groomsmen tuxes too! Sometimes this wedding stuff is fun icon smile Soup, salad and challah

Ben had to use a pair of “manny-hose” to try on the shoes! Ha.dscn6571 Soup, salad and challah

After tux picking and a trip to Michael’s Craft store we took a walk. I love that he is on board with talking long walks me with (sometimes).

Dinner was tomato soup from TJ”sdscn6576 Soup, salad and challah

and another colorful salad. I think I have eaten my weight in salad over the last few days! Now that it’s getting warmer in SoCal I just crave tons of veggies and fruits. Too bad it is literally tons…dscn6573 Soup, salad and challah

at least it’s not ice cream, which I also crave tons of!

We also picked up this Challah bread from TJ’s today. I had never tried challah before. Why didn’t someone introduce me to the dream sweet bread before?! I loved it! Like, loved it too much. I ripped off a piece on the way home from the store & just knew I was in trouble. I had this huge hunk of bread with ICBNB with dinner and stole another little piece too. I am leaving this here with Ben to eat because I know it will be gone in a day with me!dscn6580 Soup, salad and challah

dscn6578 Soup, salad and challahOh, I almost forgot that I also had a cocktail with dinner – cranberry, seltzer and Malibu icon smile Soup, salad and challah dscn6581 Soup, salad and challah

I took a handful of this sugary cereal for dessert, then stopped myself from doing more damage and quickly brushed my teeth. I am full, but just want something “dessert-like”.dscn65171 Soup, salad and challah

In other news…I realized my super sale find of Adidas shoes were too good to be true. Apparently I am a lot dumber than I thought because I am a 9 1/2 shoe size in Adidas. But, I forgot that I live in America. These are a size 11! UK size 9 1/2. dscn65071 Soup, salad and challah


  1. Niki says

    That’s too bad about the shoes!! I wouldn’t have thought about that either! Hopefully you can return them and get the correct size:)

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Niki – isn’t embarrassing that I’m so ditzy though, Ha.

    Marian – I totally agree! I love the warm weather & foods that go along with it.

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