Tap N' Apple Lunch

tap-n-appleInstead of PB&J I made a PB& Tap n’ Apple sandwich for lunch. Have you tried this stuff? It is just apples & apple cider mashed together. It’s not as sweet as my usual – pumpkin butter though. It tastes like apple sauce actually.dscn6595

Before the sammie I started with a salad with TJ’s spicy peanut dressing – this is my favorite salad dressing.dscn65931

Then, I took the 5 minute stroll to TJ”s to get a few items. I am so lucky to have a TJ”s so close to my work!dscn6596

When I came back I had the last part of lunch – an orange. Now my computer is all sticky because I got the juice everywhere. Oh well.dscn6597


  1. says

    oh! the salad looks great! i just took my first trip to Tj’s just now, while visiting AZ! I’m in love….I tried to buy things i can take back home since I leave today. Wish we had one n Texas.

  2. Niki says

    Your salads always look so good!! I wish we had a TJ’s but we don’t here in Memphis. I will just have to settle for Whole Foods, which is still a 30 minute drive! I just went for the first time last week and LOVED it! Your sammy also looked yummy! I bet pumpkin butter is sooo good! I will have to keep my eye out for that!

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