This is your foot on running…

This is my foot. This is my foot on dropping a can on my big toe and running a marathon. Any questions?

My blue toe is still tragically blue (actually it got a lot worse) and now my middle toe nail has turned a sad shade of black and will not be with us for much longer. The middle toe on my other foot will abandon ship soon too. This is what happens when you run 26.2 miles. Apparently, it’s not such a good idea if you want to have decent looking feet. Noted. dscn6585

But, my blue toe is still hanging on and not fading to a normal color! I dropped the can on it Jan. 15 (thanks to the blog for keeping track). I have no idea when it’s going to get better. At this rate this will be my “something blue” for the wedding day! dscn6589

Breakfast was on the go – oatmeal in tupperware eaten on the road. It is sooo not enjoyable to eat in the car! I have to scarf it down in 5 minutes. Also, I haven’t had the ripest naners lately and these oats are not the best. I may have to switch it up tomorrow.

I ate the last remnants of my grapes when I got to work. I really devoured them yesterday! dscn65911


Today I ran 5.3miles bright and early. I am planning on going for a walk or doing some much needed weights after work, but we’ll see how that goes…


  1. runeatrepeat says

    Foodsthat fit – It actually doesn’t hurt anymore, just looks gross.

    Marian – it kinda sounds like you’re telling me to “get better toes”, like the ones I have are crappy and I need better ones. Ha.

    Niki – right, that does put it in perspective.

    Danielle – thanks, I heard you just got a cute little pedi too :)

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