Stop "bodering" me & my Irish identity

My stomach hurt when I woke up this morning :( I tried to stall my run as much as I could, but I couldn't wait any more so I took off for an easy and slow 6 miles. Today was going to be a few 800m repeats, but there is no way my stomach was going to let me push it. Boo. My stomach hurt mildly the whole time. ("Stop bodering me" is what my little bro, Matt, says when we are … [Read more...]

What'd you call me?

Dinner was Whore's Plate. I don't know if that's really what it's called, but my Cuban friend, Adriel, told me this. A while back I made this dish and he said that his grandma called it a "Whore's Plate" in Spanish. It's just rice with a fried egg on top - nothing fancy. He says they called it that because it's really cheap. On the side I had some freshly cooked black beans … [Read more...]