Nomad Monica

I must have come from some kind of nomadic tribe because I cannot stop walking. Even though I ran this morning all I wanted to do when I got home from work was take a long walk. I think part of it clears my mind and I’m pretty stressed with wedding/life/work/etc right now, so it helps :)

I managed to stay away from the rice crisps on the way home, but I did break into the grapes.

After my walk I came home to discover ripe avocados! What a great green surprise for St.Patty’s day! I quickly made some guacamole (I make the best gauc). Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I couldn’t stop eating with chips!dscn6637


My real dinner was black beans with guacamole and a ww tortilla.dscn6633

I ate it Mexican style – where you break off pieces of tortilla and scoop up the food. dscn6641


Oh, and brussel sprouts from last night’s dinner. dscn6635

After dinner I really wanted something sweet, maybe it would have something to do with me looking at the Vitatop website this afternoon? Anyways, I had some cereal with chocolate soymilk and then fell off the deep end and had bites of random chocolate protein bars and a shortbread cookie. Uh, I am so full now. dscn66421


When someone asks me about losing weight the first thing I always say is, “What do you think is the reason you are overweight right now?” I am looking for major red flags that cause someone to gain weight or stay overweight. For example, one of my friends doesn’t eat breakfast, then is starving for lunch and doesn’t plan dinner so she grabs whatever. These are obvious things that she can work  to change and be healthier.

If someone were to ask me my question“Monica, What do you think is the reason you are overweight?”

My answer: I eat when I’m not hungry. I snack randomly as soon as I get home and  when I’m cooking. And the main reason is – I eat after dinner. I have a bowl of cereal, random bites of this and that – and it really adds up.

So, if someone else told me this answer I would tell them to not eat anything outside of meals/set snacks. AND STOP EATING AFTER DINNER. Even if (after Lent) I had a small piece of dessert it would have to be to end dinner. If I didn’t have room for dessert right then, then I had enough. Brush your teeth and be done.

Why is it so much easier said than done?! It’s not rocket science, it’s not eating after dinner.


  1. Kim C. says

    i love love love your blog! but having said that..girl you have to stop taking pics with chipped nail polish.. ick ick ick! (sorry)

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