And by Half I mean Full…

Half Marathon Training Clarification : The mileage on my weekly long runs is actually the mileage I would run to train for a FULL MARATHON. My training program is almost treating the OC Half as a practice run for the full marathon. I am considering running the SD RnR May 31st, so I need to have a lot more miles logged than if I was only doing a half mary. Basically, I am … [Read more...]

Half Mary Training

Here is my first draft of my half marathon training. I have not done any speed work in the past and this schedule requires a lot of it, so I am going to do the first week and gauge what I can do based on that. Like I said earlier, this program is pretty advanced for me, so if I don't stick with it exactly that's fine. At the end of next week I will have a better idea of what … [Read more...]


Yoga in the afternoon and wine at night make for the most relaxing evening. My yoga class was a level 1 and it was really good! Sometimes the Level1-2 classes are too challenging to be enjoyable. I can't imagine how difficult the Level 2 classes are! After class I had some time to kill so I went to TJ's for some dinner ingredients. I also picked up some mango & a Pure bar … [Read more...]