Half Mary Training

Here is my first draft of my half marathon training. I have not done any speed work in the past and this schedule requires a lot of it, so I am going to do the first week and gauge what I can do based on that. Like I said earlier, this program is pretty advanced for me, so if I don’t stick with it exactly that’s fine. At the end of next week I will have a better idea of what changes I need to make to the plan.

I got it from the Runner’s World site – half marathon training.  Hal Higdon has a solid half marathon training program. Jeff Galloway has a half marathon training program too.

If you are looking to just start running I highly suggest the Couch to 5K program – there is a link to that and other training programs on my Training tab on top icon smile Half Mary Training

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3 5.3 miles FFI 2x[400 SI (100), 800 CI (200), 1600 PI] 4 miles + 6×100 fast strides 4 miles PI Rest 15 miles LR Rest
4 6 miles + 6×100 S 3×1.5-mile CI (400)  4 miles, or Rest 6 miles alternating 2:00–3:00 CI w/1:00 jogs 3 miles easy, or Rest 16 miles LRS  Rest
5 6 miles + 6×100 S FFI 2x[800 SI (100), 1600 CI (200),1600 PI]  4 miles, or Rest 6 miles alternating 2:00–3:00 CI w/1:00 jogs 3 miles easy, or Rest 17 miles LRF  Rest
6 6 miles + 6×100 S 4×800 CI (200), 6×200 SI (100) 4 miles, or Rest 2x[400 SI (100), 800 SI (200),400 SI] Rest 18 miles LR Rest
7 6 miles + 6×100 S FFI 2x[400 SI (100), 800 CI (200), 3200 PI]  3 miles PI 5–6 miles PI  Rest 19 miles LRS Rest
8 6 miles + 6×100 fast S
2×800 SI (400), 6×200 SI (55), 2×1200 SI (400) 
3 miles PI 6–7 miles PI  Rest 20 miles LR Rest
9 3 miles easy 6×400 CI (100) 3 miles PI 2×400 CI (200), 2×200 SI (100) Rest rest Half-Mary Race
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  1. says

    Your plan puts mine to shame. We have been following one that is mostly easy running, no intervals, just distance. Maybe I can do one like this for my next half.

    Am I reading this right – you run 20 miles the weekend before the race?

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