Things you may/may not know…

Things you may or may not know about Monica... 1. I wear men's deodorant (because I sweat like a man). 2. I love frozen yogurt and cereal more than I should. Seriously. 3. I found my cat at the bank. 4. I feel super guilty throwing something away that can be recycled. 5. I can never remember my dreams when I wake up. That was random. Workout - Today was a rest day from … [Read more...]

Wake Up and smell the carbs

 Lunch was salad with hummus and an open faced grilled cheese with an apple. I love carbs and cheese - whoever thought of this combination should be given some kind of nobel prize. I had a carb attack yesterday around 3pm and went straight for the sugary cereal. After munching on more than one cup I realized I was just tired more than anything and went to get a pick me up - … [Read more...]