Just me, myself and I

I woke myself up early this morning to get out and run. I don't like to run too late because I never know if it's going to get hot here. Since Ben is out of town I went to one of my old running paths. It's about 25 minutes from where I live right now. I did 14 miles and walked to cool down a bit. Before I left I had a piece of bread with PB. On the way home from my run I saw … [Read more...]

Kaboom! and Lazy Calzone

My afternoon snack was yogurt and cereals. I took a long walk after work :) While I was making dinner I ate some of these crisps with hummus. Dinner was a new creation: Lazy Calzone I stuffed a pita with my marinara veggies from last night and added a tomato basil veggie burger and mozzarella cheese. LOVED IT. This is going to be my new obsession. Then, the ticking time … [Read more...]