Kaboom! and Lazy Calzone

My afternoon snack was yogurt and cereals.dscn6721

I took a long walk after work :) dscn6722

While I was making dinner I ate some of these crisps with hummus.

Dinner was a new creation: Lazy Calzonedscn6723

I stuffed a pita with my marinara veggies from last night and added a tomato basil veggie burger and mozzarella cheese. LOVED IT. This is going to be my new obsession.dscn6728

Then, the ticking time bomb that is my binging – exploded. I have been obsessing about sweets since I gave them up for Lent. I guess someone that has a history of bingeing and dieting like a crazy person shouldn’t give up entire food groups because it only  triggers bad habits. But, I do think it was good for me to give up the hardest thing for me. I am back on the horse now, but I did eat a lot of cereal with chocolate soy milk, a bite of ice cream sandwich and a vitatop. At least I’m honest, even if I am flawed…



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