I have a drinking problem

My name is Monica, and I have a drinking problem. I drink soooo much. Not necessarily alcohol (okay sometimes), but liquids in general. Drinking 2 cans of La Crotch is totally normal for me with a meal (previously that would be diet Coke). I also drink a lot of water. Since I want to be a hippie and save the world, I should try to save water and drink more vodka. Does anyone … [Read more...]

My new bathing suit

I bought a bathing suit to inspire me to get it together & drop some lbs. I figured the reality of trying it on would make me realize I have a beach vacation coming up in 3 months!  I was going to post a pic of me in it as a "Before" and hopefully lose some weight so I could redeem myself with an "After" picture, but I thought this would be more fun... My ridiculously … [Read more...]

One step at a time

I have so much to do for the wedding, work and other errands that it is very overwhelming! And I have so much to do to work on my issues with overeating.  I am still on the beginning of Intuitive Eating, but already find it so insightful. There are 10 principles to intuitive eating. All of the steps make so much sense and I know it's exactly what I need! It's just so hard to … [Read more...]