One step at a time

I have so much to do for the wedding, work and other errands that it is very overwhelming!

And I have so much to do to work on my issues with overeating.  I am still on the beginning of Intuitive Eating, but already find it so insightful. There are 10 principles to intuitive eating. All of the steps make so much sense and I know it’s exactly what I need! It’s just so hard to change habits that I’ve had for years. One step at a time I guess…

I was dragging by lunch so I had a diet coke. I have cut back significantly, but sometimes I will drink a diet soda. dscn6770

I started lunch with a big salad topped with hummus.dscn6768

and a PB&PB.dscn6769

My afternoon snack was the world’s best strawberries (and they should be for how much I paid for them!) and yogurt/pumpkin butter/granola.dscn6773

When I got home I was hungry and there was fresh guacamole & chips on the counter. I had many chips with guac before I changed and took a quick walk with the dogs.

When I got back I had a bean&cheese burrito with asparagus. dscn6789

It was stuffed with black beans, cheese, salsa and more guac :)dscn6790

I ate some grapes for dessert, which isn’t horrible, but I was already full.


Then, I did random snacking on handfuls of cereal & other random crap, which makes me realize I need to re-read those Intuitive Eating principles! I’m gonna do that now and go to sleep. See you tomorrow.


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