Win, Eat, Repeat

There are a lot of blog contests going on right now (including mine that is just wrapping up!)... Healing with Juicesis holding a contest to give away : Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. She says the recipes are "to die for", but they're probably really "to live for" since I don't know if there's raw food in Heaven... The Hungry Yogini is giving away the infamous Barney … [Read more...]

The hills are alive

I always run on completely flat routes, so hills really kill me. I know I should start incorporating some kind of hill running in my training though. I ran up and down a near by hill 2 times and I was dead by the end of it. For the entire rest of my 5.5mile run I wanted to take a walk break. That's tragic. For some reason my breakfast pic is MIA - it was Swiss Oats - oatmeal … [Read more...]

Recipe Test

When I got home my mom once again had delicious looking food on the stove. I took a big bite of a flauta and then realized I needed to make my own dinner instead of munching on this and then still eating my dinner like I often do.  I started with a plate of crisps and sweet peppers with unpictured guacamole. Oh, and a big piece of baked tofu. I use the firm tofu & bake it … [Read more...]