2 weeks notice

Today I wanted to quit running. I wasn’t even going to give it 2 weeks notice, I just wanted to quit. For some reason my legs felt like lead today. There is no explanation for it – I got enough sleep, I ate well last night…I have been missing my 30 minute after run window to eat, maybe that’s it? I dunno, I just had a “lead legs” run. Boo. I made myself finish 5 miles and then I came home and did 30 Day Shred – I’m still on Level 1 :)

Matt ate the last of my Kashi waffles and my mom couldn’t find them at the local store so all we had was this….dscn6848

I made a waffle sandwich with PB & naner. These things are amazing & I feel like I am eating something “bad” when I have one. Oh wait, my Intuitive Eating book says I need to stop labeling any food as bad. I have to give myself unconditional permission to eat all foods!  dscn68501

Plus some strawberries and grapes after I got out of the shower. I need to hunt down that fruit stand to get some more of these strawberries!dscn68511

Asparagus is in season right now and the Today Show did a recipe segment on Asparagus Quiche.

Did you know…

You are supposed to store asparagus in the refrigerator with a moist paper towel at the stems.


  1. julie says

    Wow, good for you for finishing your run! I had the same thing happen to me yesterday and I turned around and came home.

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