With a cherry on top

Since Fridays are rest days from running I was in no rush to get up this morning. I think I took too long though, because I took a quick walk to the store to get milk and on the way back I was starving! I wanted milk to have cereal for breakfast, but I knew I needed something more filling, so I ended up making oatmeal.

This is Ben’s oatmeal, mine always look the same and I made his with a Cherry Dried Cranberry on top! dscn6994

I just ate some mango and grapes – I don’t think I was really hungry, but more concerned that I will be hungry during my lunch hour yoga. There is a class nearby I’m gonna do during lunch and I will end up eating late. dscn6998

The lunch hour class is Level 1-2, I really  prefer Level 1 since it’s still challenging, but relaxing at the same time. I feel like anything higher is not relaxing, but I love this instructor so I’ll go for it.

I am so excited it’s Friday! Ben and I have a very busy weekend planned – including a flight to Santa Barbara!  Ben is getting his pilot’s license and this is one of the exercises he has to do. I’ve never been on a flight with him as the pilot, so I’m a little nervous. The instructor will be with us, so hopefully I won’t die… If I live to tell the tale I’ll be back with a full report! We are just landing down in SB, eating lunch, then flying back. Not nearly as exciting as it sounds, but a new experience right?

I’ll be back post yoga with a very happy face on!


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    Is SB one of Ben’s “Touch Down” assignments? Is that what they are called? My husband was interested in getting his license. He never got that far though. That’s exciting! I hope they flight was fun for you!

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