Thanks to Quaker, I'm a boxer

I went to yoga first thing this morning :) It was the Power Vinyasa Flow class and I had never done it before, so I was a little scared. Luckily, I did okay and enjoyed myself.

Before I left I had a big bowl of oats dscn7133

I received my great robe/slippers/granola bar pack from the great oats company – Quaker. The robe has a hood and it made me feel like a boxer. I wanted to show off the new trail mix granola bar too, but I couldn’t hold it while doing my boxer pose.dscn7147

I had my brother try the new Quaker Simple Harvest Trail Mix bars for a second opinion. He normally doesn’t like things with berries, but he liked it :) dscn6937

dscn69321I think these universally appeal to all audiences since they taste good, aren’t too “fancy” (use common ingredients) and are low enough in cals to be a snack not meal replacement.


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