Hummus – the new dressing

It's still Monday... and I'm still at work. I'm sad when I think about all you east coasters out there that are already home :( But, I am barely getting to work when you are all eating lunch! Lunch : great salad topped with hummus. I love using hummus as dressing, but this one (I found at WF's yesterday) is a little to thick and grainy to be able to mix well. Barney Butter … [Read more...]

Barney Butter – 4 ways

So, I finally broke down and bought some of the infamous Barney Butter. I had resisted for months now despite the raves around the blog world. Ben wanted to go the Borders and there is a Whole Foods nearby, so I had a lot of time to just walk around and see all the very expensive and delicious goodies I shouldn't buy. A jar of this stuff is $9.00! That is ridiculous. But, I had … [Read more...]