"That's a good workout"

Today is a new day! I woke up and did 5.9 miles, during the run I ran up and down the 1 hill in my area 4 times. A guy walking up the hill to work said, "That's a good work-out." It made me feel very proud of myself! I run as much as my chubby little Mexican legs can take me. This morning when that guy told me that I thought to myself..."This is ridiculous, I bust my ass … [Read more...]

No comment.

That is my thought on tonight's eats. I came home and snacked and snacked and snacked while making dinner. By the time dinner was ready I wasn't even hungry anymore. I ate some of it and went for a walk. Now I'm eating ice cream and making myself blog for accountability and honesty. I don't need any encouragement, I just need to get it together. I am truly convinced that if I … [Read more...]