Brooke Hogan

Since I obviously have no problem telling you guys embarrassing things about myself, (like when I eat a doughnut and an ice cream sandwhich because I'm stressed) I thought I will add to the list of things you may judge me on with this: I love Brooke Hogan right now. Isn't that random? I caught her VH1 show on reruns the other day and discovered I think she's cool :) For Lunch … [Read more...]

The First Day

I've decided that today is the first day of my healthy weight loss journey. I have learned a  lot over the last few months about my body, cravings, Intuitive Eating and more. Now I am going to put it all in action. I think I have been way too easy on myself and don't make a big enough effort to stay on track. I really have to suck it up and just stop eating unnecessary foods. … [Read more...]

Frijoles with Spinach

I had a Very bad. This always happens when I say I am going to entirely cut out certain foods. I guess restricting for so long has built up some resentment with my willpower and it completely fights against me at the first sign of anything resembling a diet. This is especially frustrating because I truly want to lose weight in a healthy way, but I can't … [Read more...]

On second thought…

Lunch was open faced grilled cheese with a big carrot, tomatoes and hummus. Yogurt on the side for dessert/dairy. Then, I realized that I love to eat yogurt with some kind of topping. So, I added the "allow-ables" - almonds and raisins. But, I wanted more of the goodies so I grabbed a handful of trailmix I have. So, I realized that it may not be such a good idea to add … [Read more...]

Top it off

Today is my first full day of CFW and I could not decide what to put on my oatbran. My mom bought a container of cottage cheese with pineapple (no HFCS) so I knew that had to be in the mix! The bowl: ~1/3c oat bran 1c almond milk dash salt naner 1/2c cottage cheese with pineapple mixed in at the end Toppings: PB TJ's dried mixed berry blend crushed pecans Turns out … [Read more...]

Target is an evil genius

I brought a naner and the last of my Barney Butter for a p.m. snack. I'm both sad and happy that the BB is gone. I was digging into the jar with a spoon/knife/fingers like an addict. No picture because I broke my memory card at work!!! So after work I stopped at Target to get a new one and ended up walking out of there with 2 bathing suits and a sun dress. I went in for 1 … [Read more...]

Crap Free Week

After multiple days of random snacking on crap I've decided a Crap Free Week is in order. I got the idea from Caitlin and Chandra, but I did let them know I was copying them :) Crap Free Weeks - 4/28 to 5/14 - 17 days total Since it takes 14 days to make or break a habit I'm hoping this will give me a great push to create new healthy habits & break old ones. And this … [Read more...]

Stress tooth

I had a major stress tooth (instead of sweet tooth) this afternoon and had a random candy from a candy jar at work and half of this bar for a snack, I used to live off of these. I love when dinner is ready for you when you get home & that's basically the case with leftovers! I just heated up my leftovers from The Stinking Rose and some frozen veggies. I also had a piece … [Read more...]

Race Week

The OC Half Marathon is 6 days away which means it is Taper Week. Since I am not running this race like a "race", but rather just trying to keep myself in shape with high mileage for a  full mary in the distant future I'm not too concerned with serious taper. But, I am planning on scaling back running a bit to rest up! The Plan: Monday - 6 miles. Done :) Tuesday - Hills - 4 … [Read more...]

The Stinking Rose

 Ben and I have our dating anniversary today, but since we live too far to really celebrate on a Monday he surprised me with reservations at a restaurant I've wanted to try for a long time: The Stinking Rose  It's a kitchy restaurant in Beverly Hills that is all about garlic!   The decor is over the top, with nods to garlic everywhere. The walls are covered in pictures of … [Read more...]

Oats in Paso

I originally discovered Jamba Juice oatmeal in Paso here and really enjoyed it. So, that is my go-to breakfast when I visit Paso Robles. Ben and I walked 5 miles round trip from the hotel to Jamby for some exercise too! I can't visit Jamba Juice without a smoothie, I got the 16 Mango Mantra :) Smoothie and oatmeal, breakfast of champions (I also stole some bites of Ben's … [Read more...]

Give it a taste!

After hours of horrible traffic up to Paso Robles (Central CA wine country) we finally made it to the wedding site! I was saving up my appetite to try all the good stuff. We were there to try the appetizers, fish and vegetarian options for the reception dinner. We started with appetizers, which I wanted to have a Mexican flavor. I don't have the official/fancy names for the … [Read more...]

Dress Rehearsal

Today was my last long run before the OC Half Marathon! I like to do a "dress rehearsal" before a race and wear the same clothes/eat the same thing that I will for the race. But...I didn't bring my favorite shorts to Ben's so my dress rehearsal wasn't perfect. However it was a success, as in I finished 14 miles! Before the run - carbs &  nut butter, just like I like … [Read more...]

Blogger Meet Up

After over a year of blogging I finally had my first blogger meet up tonight! I met Meghann, Ashley and Chantelle! I've been reading Meghann's blog for a while & I am super partial to Ashely because of the red hair (I'm biased) and Chantelle is living in LB super close to where I used to be. We met at a vegetarian restaurant in Costa Mesa - Avanti. Here are the girls  - … [Read more...]

Fill 'er up!

This Intuitive Eating things is interesting. I didn't run today and my appetite was significantly less. I am normally super hunger for lunch by 11am or so, but today I was fine until 1pm. Lunch was a big salad with one of the homemade black bean patties I made earlier this week: I also picked up thise 8 grain crisps from TJ's - good stuff! Fruit and crisps   Dessert: I … [Read more...]

Amazing Greens & your taste buddies

I brought my Amazing Greens to drink at work today and offered it to a few of my friends. Everyone thought it looked and smelled disgusting. The one person I conned into convinced to try it thought it was gross, but did say, "I've tasted worse." My point is, I told you guys that it wasn't that bad and I can drink it mixed with water no problem, but I don't want to steer you … [Read more...]