Just going for it

Ben and I have been really stressed about the wedding & everything we still have to do for it. When we went to go get info about our license yesterday, we decided to just go for it and get married! I've kinda always wanted to get married in a spur of the moment fashion - I think it's romantic, like you're just following your heart and nothing else matters...We're in love, … [Read more...]

Dessert daily?

What do you think about having dessert everyday? I want dessert everyday after dinner. I think this is a bad habit, but I don't have the willpower to just stop all together. Denying myself dessert only makes me want to eat every dessert in sight. I don't want to have to eat dessert, but I can't make a rule against it either. Do you eat dessert every night? Dinner was wwpasta … [Read more...]

Birthday Bash!

I wanted to do something fun for my friend Adriel's, birthday. I decided to throw a BASH - literally. I got him a pinata to destroy at work! We spun him around so much he didn't even know where it was... Finally, he cheated, took off the blindfold and stabbed it. I didn't realize he had this violent side...   I bought the biggest bag of candy. Everyone got a bunch & I … [Read more...]