Intuitive Running

I keep thinking about how to get myself to a place where I practice Intuitive Eating, and I realized that I often do practice Intuitive Running. I have a training plan for reference, but I don't really use it (which is why I wasn't too worried about using that super hard plan as a guide). I know roughly how much I want to run when I leave the house, but I really just end up … [Read more...]

Quaker Find & Recap

Sorry I didn't post again yesterday. Ben called me at 5pm and wanted me to go straight from work all the way to Orange County to check out a condo he really likes. He wanted to jump on it and put in an offer so I had to see it first. It's an hour or so drive from where I live, so by the time I got there, checked out the condo, ate dinner with him and drove back it was super … [Read more...]