Poll for Terence

My friend Terence went to the doctor yesterday and had a scare. His resting heart rate is 36 and the doctor seemed concerned. He runs regularly and is training for a half mary, so I chalk it up to that, but he wants me to take a poll: Q: What is your resting heart rate? If you answer very low Terence will feel better. If you answer very high he will freak out, convince … [Read more...]

Cramping my style

I used to get the worst cramps in my calves. They were so bad they would leave bruises on my legs! It was painful and didn't look very attractive either!  I was vegan at the time & it took me a while to realize I wasn't getting all the vitamins/nutrients my body needed. It was nothing a supplement couldn't fix, but I was young and dumb and didn't do any research on how to … [Read more...]

No Pic Rule

I am making a commitment to eat from a plate & while sitting down, so it should be easier for me to take pics of all my food - not just meals & planned snacks like I do now. Since this was day one I slipped up a bit & have noted where I did not plate/picture my eats. I must break this habit & need to be held accountable here! I came home to my Barney Butter … [Read more...]