Down to the wire

Did I tell you guys that I had to pay taxes this year? Yeah, every year I get a good amount back, but this year I had to pay state (not federal). Apparently Gov. Schwarzenegger doesn't realize I have a wedding to pay for. Boo. It was totally down to the wire - I had to run after the Post Office Lady since she already delivered our mail! Good thing I caught her :) Lunch - I was … [Read more...]

Go to your room

I had an errand to run after dinner and on the way back I told myself, "Go to your room when you get home!" I just got back and have time to blog, brush and burp okay, sleep - I wanted to think of another "B" word. I was hungry when I got home, which is weird because I feel like I ate more than I usually do up until this point in the day. I stir-fryed tempeh with broccoli and … [Read more...]

Adding it up…

I'm conflicted about eating more for breakfast and lunch...part of me is happy that I get to eat more (ha, that is tragic) and the other part of me is stressed that I'm going to just continue to overeat later in the day & now I'm just adding more calories to my daily intake. I just added up my calories from Breakfast, Lunch and my snack and it's close to 1,400. It's not … [Read more...]