Hold that thought & I'm super fancy

Before my run I decided to try Amazing Greens for day 1 of the challenge. I was scared of this big ol' glass of green stuff, but I went for it! I was taking a risk trying something new before a longer run, but I figured this stuff is healthy & shouldn't hurt me too bad. My Review of Amazing Greens - It was pretty good (considering it's just a green veggie powder)! It is … [Read more...]

All my lunch money

I completely just spent all my "lunch" money at Whole Foods. And by lunch money I mean everything I own. After Jenna was raving about Amazing Greens I wanted to jump right on board. I am running a half marathon in 15 days, going to Vegas in 27 days and getting married in 63 days!!!!!! Needless to say I need all the health help I can get. So, I am taking the 30 Amazing Grass … [Read more...]