Volume Eating

I've decided my blogging life would be so much easier if I posted 3x a day instead of 1 or 2 big posts - that takes me too long! After adding things on my Target Wedding Registery working all morning lunch was a welcome break :) Today I packed a tuna wrap with carrots and an apple. Oh, and a co-worker gave me some pretzels, which I happily took. But, it wasn't as good as this … [Read more...]

Hot hot hot!

It was over 90 degrees yesterday & today at 7am I ran past a marquee at a park and it was already 71! I am a warm weather girl all the way, but I've found that my favorite running temp is around 55 degrees. I get warmed up super fast & stay that way! But, I love "just hanging out" weather to be about 80 with a nice breeze :) I'm looking at a potential job opportunity … [Read more...]