8 things

As I was logging on to post right now I realized that I forgot to have my Amazing Grass with breakfast! So now I'm happily (?) drinking away. Like I said before, I don't think it's that bad to drink straight up, but that may be because I was expecting it to taste horrible. It's all relative. 5.7 miles - I felt amazing on my run this morning :) I suspect it's because I was … [Read more...]

Lead by example

I am not doing well with the intuitive eating right now. I am actually doing the opposite of Intuitive Eating. When I was hungry today I tried to avoid eating. Then, when I was overly full I ate more. WTF. I really believe in Intuitive Eating and I want to lose weight by listening to my body. I also want to be an example of how IE can help you have a healthy relationship with … [Read more...]

Hunger x 2 & Amazing Grass x2

I was super hungry all day today! I had to make myself wait as long as possible for lunch and a snack. Lunch: I tried a few of these out of curiosity - nothing special.               Snack: Then, more snack, because I was still hungry. I had Amazing Grass for the second time today before walking the perros. No pic, but you all know what weird green juice looks like … [Read more...]