Give it a taste!

After hours of horrible traffic up to Paso Robles (Central CA wine country) we finally made it to the wedding site! I was saving up my appetite to try all the good stuff. We were there to try the appetizers, fish and vegetarian options for the reception dinner. We started with appetizers, which I wanted to have a Mexican flavor. I don't have the official/fancy names for the … [Read more...]

Dress Rehearsal

Today was my last long run before the OC Half Marathon! I like to do a "dress rehearsal" before a race and wear the same clothes/eat the same thing that I will for the race. But...I didn't bring my favorite shorts to Ben's so my dress rehearsal wasn't perfect. However it was a success, as in I finished 14 miles! Before the run - carbs &  nut butter, just like I like … [Read more...]