Race Week

The OC Half Marathon is 6 days away which means it is Taper Week. Since I am not running this race like a "race", but rather just trying to keep myself in shape with high mileage for a  full mary in the distant future I'm not too concerned with serious taper. But, I am planning on scaling back running a bit to rest up! The Plan: Monday - 6 miles. Done :) Tuesday - Hills - 4 … [Read more...]

The Stinking Rose

 Ben and I have our dating anniversary today, but since we live too far to really celebrate on a Monday he surprised me with reservations at a restaurant I've wanted to try for a long time: The Stinking Rose  It's a kitchy restaurant in Beverly Hills that is all about garlic!   The decor is over the top, with nods to garlic everywhere. The walls are covered in pictures of … [Read more...]

Oats in Paso

I originally discovered Jamba Juice oatmeal in Paso here and really enjoyed it. So, that is my go-to breakfast when I visit Paso Robles. Ben and I walked 5 miles round trip from the hotel to Jamby for some exercise too! I can't visit Jamba Juice without a smoothie, I got the 16 Mango Mantra :) Smoothie and oatmeal, breakfast of champions (I also stole some bites of Ben's … [Read more...]