On second thought…

Lunch was open faced grilled cheese with a big carrot, tomatoes and hummus. Yogurt on the side for dessert/dairy. Then, I realized that I love to eat yogurt with some kind of topping. So, I added the "allow-ables" - almonds and raisins. But, I wanted more of the goodies so I grabbed a handful of trailmix I have. So, I realized that it may not be such a good idea to add … [Read more...]

Top it off

Today is my first full day of CFW and I could not decide what to put on my oatbran. My mom bought a container of cottage cheese with pineapple (no HFCS) so I knew that had to be in the mix! The bowl: ~1/3c oat bran 1c almond milk dash salt naner 1/2c cottage cheese with pineapple mixed in at the end Toppings: PB TJ's dried mixed berry blend crushed pecans Turns out … [Read more...]

Target is an evil genius

I brought a naner and the last of my Barney Butter for a p.m. snack. I'm both sad and happy that the BB is gone. I was digging into the jar with a spoon/knife/fingers like an addict. No picture because I broke my memory card at work!!! So after work I stopped at Target to get a new one and ended up walking out of there with 2 bathing suits and a sun dress. I went in for 1 … [Read more...]