Top it off

Today is my first full day of CFW and I could not decide what to put on my oatbran. My mom bought a container of cottage cheese with pineapple (no HFCS) so I knew that had to be in the mix!dscn8207

The bowl:

~1/3c oat bran

1c almond milk

dash salt


1/2c cottage cheese with pineapple mixed in at the end



TJ’s dried mixed berry blend

crushed pecans

dscn8209Turns out there were too many toppings and I didn’t end up eating most of the PB – that never happens! I think oatbran is more filling than oatmeal as you are actually eating it, but it’s been too long for me to remember if it keeps me full as long.

Amazing Grass Challenge– I forgot to drink it yesterday! Busted. I’ll make a glass of it in a bit when my tummy settles from that huge bowl of oatbran.

The Goods – Here are the swim suits I bought for this summer (2 from Target and one from Marshall’s). Hopefully I’ll post pics of me actually in them from my honeymoon, but I’m not ready for that yet.dscn8215


Q: Do you wear a one piece or two?

I go with the 2 piece despite what my body looks like because I’m young and it might not get any better than what it is now. I won’t regret it later and I should just accept it for what it is. Life is short.


  1. Sarah says

    cute suits, i love target swimsuits, so cheap so you can lots! def 2 pieces, like you said, life’s short, enjoy it.

  2. says

    Love your attitude about 2 pieces. I always wear tankinis always have even when I loved my weight. I’m just not comfortable showing too much.
    Maybe I should take your advice though!

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