Brooke Hogan

Since I obviously have no problem telling you guys embarrassing things about myself, (like when I eat a doughnut and an ice cream sandwhich because I'm stressed) I thought I will add to the list of things you may judge me on with this: I love Brooke Hogan right now. Isn't that random? I caught her VH1 show on reruns the other day and discovered I think she's cool :) For Lunch … [Read more...]

The First Day

I've decided that today is the first day of my healthy weight loss journey. I have learned a  lot over the last few months about my body, cravings, Intuitive Eating and more. Now I am going to put it all in action. I think I have been way too easy on myself and don't make a big enough effort to stay on track. I really have to suck it up and just stop eating unnecessary foods. … [Read more...]

Frijoles with Spinach

I had a Very bad. This always happens when I say I am going to entirely cut out certain foods. I guess restricting for so long has built up some resentment with my willpower and it completely fights against me at the first sign of anything resembling a diet. This is especially frustrating because I truly want to lose weight in a healthy way, but I can't … [Read more...]