How many calories do I need?

I stumbled upon this site today that tells you how many calories you should be eating to get to your ideal weight. I did it and the ideal weight it gave me is lower than I care to be, so I didn't like that about the information, but it was informative. It says I burn 1777 calories a day (not including any calories I burn exercising). According to the site I should eat 1481 … [Read more...]

Road Trip from Home

Have you guys ever heard of Pea Soup Anderson's? It's a landmark restaurant in California known for their pea soup. Ben and I have been there on road trips up the coast. *I tried to link to it, but their site is down. And The Girls Next Store went there on a recent episode - which reminded me I had a can of their delicious pea soup. That, along with animal crackers... plus … [Read more...]

8 things

As I was logging on to post right now I realized that I forgot to have my Amazing Grass with breakfast! So now I'm happily (?) drinking away. Like I said before, I don't think it's that bad to drink straight up, but that may be because I was expecting it to taste horrible. It's all relative. 5.7 miles - I felt amazing on my run this morning :) I suspect it's because I was … [Read more...]

Lead by example

I am not doing well with the intuitive eating right now. I am actually doing the opposite of Intuitive Eating. When I was hungry today I tried to avoid eating. Then, when I was overly full I ate more. WTF. I really believe in Intuitive Eating and I want to lose weight by listening to my body. I also want to be an example of how IE can help you have a healthy relationship with … [Read more...]

Hunger x 2 & Amazing Grass x2

I was super hungry all day today! I had to make myself wait as long as possible for lunch and a snack. Lunch: I tried a few of these out of curiosity - nothing special.               Snack: Then, more snack, because I was still hungry. I had Amazing Grass for the second time today before walking the perros. No pic, but you all know what weird green juice looks like … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2009

Hello Friends, Since today is Earth Day & I'm a California Hippie I thought I would challenge all my readers to doing something earthy friendly. Please pick one or all of these options and put it into action today! 1. Drink out of a reusable water bottle - if you don't have one go out and buy one! 2. Recycle! Anything and everything recyclable - plastic, metal, paper, … [Read more...]

Amazing Greens Challenge Update

Today is Day 5 of the Amazing Grass Challenge and I haven't really felt a difference. So, I'm going to up my intake and drink it 2 times a day. I'll let you know if I feel any healthier now! Wednesday Workout - I started the day with 8 minute abs and then 5.5 miles. I didn't wake up earlier enough to fit in 30 Day Shred before my run, so I may do some strength moves later. I … [Read more...]

Pump up the volume

My volume eating day continued with a big salad for dinner. I topped it with a bunch of veggies, peanuts and tempeh! You can't see the tempeh because I added it after. One of my top 3 favorite veggies on the side...             After dinner I snacked on some Kashi trail mix at the counter - busted! This is a recreation with my dessert - an english muffin with BB and … [Read more...]

Volume Eating

I've decided my blogging life would be so much easier if I posted 3x a day instead of 1 or 2 big posts - that takes me too long! After adding things on my Target Wedding Registery working all morning lunch was a welcome break :) Today I packed a tuna wrap with carrots and an apple. Oh, and a co-worker gave me some pretzels, which I happily took. But, it wasn't as good as this … [Read more...]

Hot hot hot!

It was over 90 degrees yesterday & today at 7am I ran past a marquee at a park and it was already 71! I am a warm weather girl all the way, but I've found that my favorite running temp is around 55 degrees. I get warmed up super fast & stay that way! But, I love "just hanging out" weather to be about 80 with a nice breeze :) I'm looking at a potential job opportunity … [Read more...]

BB Bandwagon & My Mix Contest

You may already know this if you ordered a free sample from Barney Butter, but they are offering free shipping through April 26th with the code: AprilShip Tina over at CNC is having a contest giveaway for My Mix Granola. I would love to get my hands on some of this!!! … [Read more...]

Monica & ice cream sitting in a tree…

I didn't really mention the rest of my weekend in my previous post. Sunday involved yoga, the bridal expo, foodies & frozen yogurt :) I've decided that I will never deny myself ice cream, but I should probably not keep it in the house... but, doesn't this look so amazing?! Today's lunch involved running an errand and then lot's of tupperware... PB&PB on ezekial … [Read more...]

Cold Turkey & Race Depression

Even though the Half Marathon is about 13 days away I'm kinda disappointed that I don't have a full Marathon planned for the near future. I decided against signed up for the RnR SD because I wouldn't have been ready in time, training for a marathon while planning a wedding & running a full mary 20 days before my wedding was just too much. But, I'm still sad about it. So, I … [Read more...]

Bridal Expo

I'm off to a Bridal Expo right now, and I'm super bummed I don't have the time to do a real post, but I'll be back soon :) … [Read more...]

Hold that thought & I'm super fancy

Before my run I decided to try Amazing Greens for day 1 of the challenge. I was scared of this big ol' glass of green stuff, but I went for it! I was taking a risk trying something new before a longer run, but I figured this stuff is healthy & shouldn't hurt me too bad. My Review of Amazing Greens - It was pretty good (considering it's just a green veggie powder)! It is … [Read more...]

All my lunch money

I completely just spent all my "lunch" money at Whole Foods. And by lunch money I mean everything I own. After Jenna was raving about Amazing Greens I wanted to jump right on board. I am running a half marathon in 15 days, going to Vegas in 27 days and getting married in 63 days!!!!!! Needless to say I need all the health help I can get. So, I am taking the 30 Amazing Grass … [Read more...]