1 and 2

Friday = Rest Day from running. I did Shred Level 1 & 2 this morning. I'm proud of myself because Level 2 is not easy for me! I also took a 30 minute walk :) I feel good! Breakfast - I wanted to try something different for breakfast so I made 1/2c of egg whites in the microwave and put it in a Flat Out wrap with ketchup, and an orange on the side.  This breakfast is only … [Read more...]

Date with Matt

I surprised Matt (my little bro) today by picking him up from school to take him to see Planet Earth. But, he refused to see it because my mom had mentioned she wanted to see it too and he didn't want to see it without here. Boo. So, instead we ate the popcorn I was going to sneak in (1,000 times better than movie theatre popcorn, but not as good) and picked up drinks at the … [Read more...]