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Friday = Rest Day from running. I did Shred Level 1 & 2 this morning. I’m proud of myself because Level 2 is not easy for me! I also took a 30 minute walk icon smile 1 and 2 I feel good!

Breakfast – I wanted to try something different for breakfast so I made 1/2c of egg whites in the microwave and put it in a Flat Out wrap with ketchup, and an orange on the side.  This breakfast is only about 300 calories, which is lower than what I normally eat. I shoot for at least 400 at breakfast, but have been doing 500 lately on advice from the RD. dscn8296 1 and 2

But, I’m going to switch it up again and breakdown my eats to 5 times a day. Breakfast – Snack – Lunch – Snack – Dinner. I’ve decided that if a bigger meal makes me feel like I’m stuffing myself I should eat more frequently. I used to eat a mid-morning snack every single day until I realized that I’m not always hungry for it. But, I think eating more earlier in the day will keep me from overeating at night.

I completely forgot that the peeps at Stoneyfield Farmsent me some coupons to try their Greek Yogurt a while back! I picked up a batch of them at WFs this week and have been waiting to crack into them icon smile 1 and 2 dscn8298 1 and 2

Mid-morning snackOikos, Honey flavor. I love that there is honey on the bottom. Whenever I add honey or Pumpkin Butter to my yogurt I always add A LOT. I like that this is portion controlled sweetness icon smile 1 and 2 dscn8300 1 and 2


I prefer Greek Yogurt over regular yogurt because it has more protien. This container has 13 grams! This is great for me since I don’t each meat and a girl needs her protien!!!


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    I only eat Greek yogurt now, I am not sure how I ever lived without it! Thats so funny that you did 1&2, I just was saying how I need to do two together(2 killed me this morning!). Happy Friday!

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    yum i love the oiko’s greek yogurt! it is a little hard to find here. i have read lots about the shred, i think i might have to invest in the program! have a great weekend.

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    Adding too much honey to greek yogurt = story of my life!! haha I love that flavor too just because it sweetens it perfectly with just enough honey! Have an amazing weekend!!

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