Date with Matt

I surprised Matt (my little bro) today by picking him up from school to take him to see Planet Earth. But, he refused to see it because my mom had mentioned she wanted to see it too and he didn’t want to see it without here. Boo.

So, instead we ate the popcorn I was going to sneak in (1,000 times better than movie theatre popcorn, but not as good) and picked up drinks at the gas station while hanging out at home:) It was still a good time.dscn8280 Date with Matt

After eating the popcorn I wasn’t that hungry for dinner, and wanted something light. I ate the left over Frijoles with spinach and carrots with hummus. Perfect.dscn8287 Date with Matt

Later I was hungry for a substantial snack so I made Matt a parfait…dscn8291 Date with Matt

… and I ate the leftover yogurt with cereal and milk in the same container – less dishes!dscn8293 Date with Matt


Now I’m watching Sexy Hospital aka Grey’s Anatomy. See ya Friday!

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  1. Brooke says

    I always do that with yogurt containers and really like it because the leftover yogurt mixes with the milk and flavors it. And as you said, less dishes!
    I think that is so cute that your little brother was worried about seeing it without your mom. Respectful guy!

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